Multimedia Copywriting – What Is a Multimedia Copywriter?

A marketing message should be able to be seen in multiple formats the average, everyday consumer uses. It doesn’t matter if whether it’s on a computer, cell phone, web page, or social network.Regardless of the variety of media at the disposal of consumers, a multimedia copywriter gives the businesses a better advantage of getting their sales messages in front of prospects’ eyes.A multimedia copywriter is responsible for writing persuasive marketing messages and presenting it in a variety of visually engaging presentations. In other words, it’s the hybrid of a sales writer and graphic designer.Their primary goal is to attract new leads and boost sales by using several media formats including:

printed media
interactive design
PowerPoint demonstrationsCombining two or more of these elements keeps prospects’ attention long enough to make sure sales messages are seen, heard, and read.Because multimedia copywriters are visual communicators of written words, they can create multiple forms of media from one sales message. This creates of a higher perceived value to prospects and buyers.Plus, it reduces the cost of hiring a team of copywriters and graphic designers to create a single sales campaign.What also makes the multimedia copywriter a stronger asset to any business is their ability to create high value informational products.By using interactive media, businesses and multimedia copywriters can create highly engaging content unique and similar to video games. These products will have a high value because of the amount communications and interactions increases between businesses and prospects.

How to Become a Multimedia Artist

By efficiently using a variety of electronic tools and media, multimedia artists are responsible for creating animations, graphics and special effects. These elements are used in computer games, movies, commercial and music videos. Depending on the specialized job duty they perform in the field of multimedia, they are given job titles like animator, illustrator, graphic artist, digital artist etc. If you have a passion for working with graphics tools to create animated images and special effects, you can definitely consider becoming a multimedia artist. Below, we discuss about the job description, educational qualification and employment opportunities that await you in this field.Job Description
A multimedia artist works for different types of media to create special effects scenes and animation. There is a variety of tasks that needs to be done by artists in this field. There are many artists who work to create storyboards for movies and television commercials. Even if you choose to work in the field of video games, you can choose from a wide range of career possibilities. There are texture artists, modeler, character artists, background artists, animators etc.Though the actual job responsibilities of a multimedia artist may vary from one specialization to other, their typical job responsibilities will include the following –
Scripting, planning and development of animated narrative sequences
Bringing lifelike characters to images
Using computer equipment to design and create animation and special effects
Designing and development of elements like two and three dimensional objects
Creating storyboards for movies and commercials
Illustrating a process through the use of modeling programs
Creating multimedia presentations, web pages, computer artwork, technical illustrations etcEducational Qualification & Training
A bachelor’s degree in fine arts or design is the standard requirement to make a successful career as a multimedia artist. There are several art and design schools and colleges that offer associate or bachelor degree in fine arts. These schools also provide certificate training programs in specialization like multimedia arts. These training programs also train candidates in multiple computer techniques. Internships are a wonderful opportunity for the students of multimedia students. Through these programs, candidates can not only acquire some real world working experience, but they also learn how to create and improve their portfolio.Employment Outlook
According to the United States Labor Statistics Bureau reports, the employment for multimedia artists jobs will grow at 26% from 2006 through to the year 2016. In the year 2006, these artists occupied around 87,000 jobs in the United States.Annual Salary
Salaries of multimedia artists will vary depending on the specialization and work experience. The BLS reports the median annual salary of these professionals to be $56,330 in the year 2008.